Mini LED Headlamp

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Mini LED Headlamp (Utility Flashlight)

Understand that you are looking for a flashlight but no ideas on what you should choice? We offer different kind of flashlight and one of them can fit your most desirable purpose.

EDC: Everyday carry flashlights are portable enough to transport for routine use.

Rechargeable: Basic in definition, these digital flashlights feature a built-in battery or USB cord for laptop or wall charging.

Tactical: Mostly used in conjunction with a firearm to assist with target identification or as a self-defense weapon.

Utility: Lights that are serviceable for hands-free operation or provide other special attributes fall under this category.  

Opulence Supply Co. is designed for the person who views their accessories as an extension of themselves. The Mini LED Headlamp is one of our well researched product, and it is designed for the person who cares their working lifestyle.


  • Headlamps with CE and CCC Certified
  • 180° Beam Angle
  • 3W 6*SMD LED Blubs
  • 3 * AAA batteries
  • Waterproof
  • **Limited To Our First 200 Customers
  • **Limit 3 per Customer


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  • Due To High Demand - This Product May Take Up To 2-3 Weeks To Arrive, In Hard To Reach Locations It May Take Upwards Of 4-6 Weeks.