Skull Bracelet 3 PCS/Set

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Skull Bracelet 3 PCS/Set

Skulls remind us of our own mortality. Skulls can be spooky, dangerous and mysterious. They can remind us of war, murder or our ancestors. Plus they are the framework of the human face which we are programmed to like.

Opulence Supply Co. is designed for the person who views their accessories as an extension of themselves. The Skull Bracelet is one of our well researched accessories, and it is designed for the persons who want to show that they have no fear of death.


  • Length: 24.5cm
  • **Limited To Our First 200 Customers
  • **Limit 3 per Customer


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  • Due To High Demand - This Product May Take Up To 2-3 Weeks To Arrive, In Hard To Reach Locations It May Take Upwards Of 4-6 Weeks.